Diary of Repair

Dogs + NPR

I’m some kind of character.

Somewhere in the background of Bojack.

I do lean more Diane than Daria

But both are cute.


I can see the argument of a liberal bias, but I don’t find it dangerous as modern conservative.

You’ve been hijacked by Nazi’s, you know?

Alt-right, white nationalist, supremacists, economically anxious. All lives matter, blue lives matter, as susceptible as GamerGate.

One of us is rightly called “the pleb”

Cue Foucault:


It is easier to walk both with one hand

And have them account for one another,

And I jurisidict (管轄) over.


Richard Spencer wants to be the next Hitler

Using the American destruction waged by Trump

As if only A True nationalist had been given a chance to fairly govern

But been stopped by those meddlin’ globalists. 


Jailed for his belief in the freedom of speech

To peddle all his syphilitic wārs. 


One handed HTML’s a pain.


Sent this to my sister:

(I’m) Listen(ing) to: Young Children Are Spending Much More Time In Front Of Small Screens – http://one.npr.org/i/558178851:558706875

You’re a young adult,

Theres children in your life.

Know it with me.


Listen to: Night + Market Chef’s New Cookbook Combines Thai Food And Fun – http://one.npr.org/i/558706819:558706820

Phantom Paranoiac,

Strongman built of fear-

G-Man is coming

No cry, No tear.



Move to California.

What do I do from here?


I quit writing for a while because I just didn’t have anything left in me. No love nor god to guide me.

On the love end, well. She was off in some other city, having late night LCD Soundsystem nights into her city, riverwalks and city parks strewn from tip to toe in lights, No curfews, no lack of rights.

She said not to take it personally, that she was leaving the city, not me.

But I am this city.
These streets are my streets,
these potholed veins my blood streams
these bars the future haunts-

broken obelisk.

This whole goddamn time* reeks,
you know?


She was abusive,
though in this warped mind I’d argue
she wouldn’t have been if I didn’t let her be
and maybe she just didn’t want me to let her be

There seems to be something rotten in that, huh?


My sister asked why she was here
i didn’t really have much an answer.

“So that we know what bad looks like,
for when I finally find good?”