This place
is for all intents and purposes
my coping mechanism.

If you have come here from the real world,
well, welcome.
I hope I read pleasant.


This place is kind of rambly and you better have a fine grasp on contemporary American syntax and locution, because I am going to fuck with it massively.

Oh, there will be typos strewn about, but I can assure you a majority of them are intentional. There are also some errant ones, please do the favor of calling me out.
Perhaps we can find out more about the words on the page together, as I set them forth to conquer and make their meanings mine, and you fight back the hordes of maligned signifier/significants that slowly eat away at our global/local/universal unconscious.

You feel me yet?




I will be blunt and at times vulgar, crass/lewd and or downright defamatory.
But I am not deplorable; There is no malice in this heart.


-believe it-