These Disunted

What will the Europeans refer to them as?
What do they refer to them as?




-I was still visiting her in The Republic of Texas.
The Frienship State.

I was visiting her, deep in the heart of Texas.
I was still a miserable coot.

-I have plans in the next few weeks to tour these Still United.
I may be intermittent in my missives.

So you should send me your address
if you hope to get one.


I bought her Clorox Bleach spray to get rid of these Pharoah Ants.
-mindlessly aligned who knows why.
and I got us a bottle of wine,
because we both know we’re broke,
and last night was fun
and some days its nice to just do nothin.


but she can buy her own damn whiskey
if she wants it so much. 


yes and no but here I am
washing dishes now
setting the limits of a clean sink with her.


I couldn’t for the life of me
be her a/c repair
by gift of skill or
god’s good graces of green
to make it better.


Do you think it’s any wonder we’re all like this?
Do you look at me

Bloomers do you look at me
as some facet of millenial?
what of this generation do you feel?

Is it a slur
in your mouth?

Is it in his?


What is the good grace of ye who read me?
What ever brought you to my doorstep
and why are you still here?

Or have you made it here
after a long long journey
through space and time;
backwards, it seems
after all was said and done.








For this reason it is impossible to say how long an infinite game as been played, or even can be played, since duration can be measured only externally to that which endures. //

It is impossible to say in which world an infinite game is played, though there can be any number of worlds within an infinite game.

8, Finite and Infinite Games



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