It’s worrisome to some extent that I do not quit my job. I should, I really should, at least in the best interest of my own self-preservation. & I don’t mean to the extent that someone will come down to my store, a random act of malevolent terrorism striking fear into the local citizenry. There is no “terrorism” on that scale, only theater.

I don’t fear right-armed, white-armed, red-blooded-necked militia men coming to expunge the local liberal presence. I don’t think anyone can walk out of here hating it.

Bronx Hotel / Airport Terminal / Public figure : Theatrics :: Grocery Stores : Terrorism
Local Retail.


I should quit this place but it gives me an odd freedom I’m sure everyone think’s I’m squandering. It is also a devastating anchor of complacency.
But I get to see the worst of them walk in here, those most despaired american’s looking for some panacea, some momentary distraction from the drudgery that does not come in the brand packaging of a chemical formula. I get to see those people who voted against me, against their best interest, I see sheep fleeced and unknowingly so; I see people who are brainwashed the minute they put this screen before them // & I see their kids.
I see them come in here, finding that damn mario game and pokemon that their kid just can’t get out of his head, come searching from all over town for the puzzle piece they hope puts their kid back together.

I see a lot of despair here, known and unknown.
Some days it feels I’m here to stem the flow of ignorance.

Case in point:
Why does a beloved customer come in today, all joy and sparkles because I’ve fixed his son’s dead gameboy, why does he come in and switch midway through the visit to issue a jeremiad against the tyranny of gendered pronouns?
And how does this young millenial react?

Turning his hatred into humour, following his anger down into it’s absurdist nadir, grabbing him by his blue collar and plunging us both to find the splinter strife stuck somewhere in his psyche.


What other job offers me such opportunity?
Where else do case studies fling themselves at your feet?



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