Yo, Houston.

Who do you think of
when you visit the Byzantine?

What sort of promise
can you put up against the world?

Did you know we get to keep a Kusama?
Prize jewel of these United,
Darling Houston,
Proud little clit of America;

We earned it.

Yo! Diversity!
Red State//Blue City

Don’t blame it on the farmers
to deal with the state’s consumption;

You, dear city, are the worse pollutant.

Throw down your gauntlet
show these other city’s
how to keep warm
during nuclear winter;
how to stem the rising tides
with your Mosian staff;

you got to want it.

This America’s grown so inept,
our leaders long since abandoned us
to corporate interests.

— – — 8< — – – — – – — – –


-What could I expect?
Exactly what I deserved.



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