jus(t) soli(s.)

She’s still the same sad girl inside like I remember, like I first met.
That part gave me comfort.

But I can’t barely carry her over the threshold of the house.

What a poorly ill equipped drunk I would make,
wandering the city streets at night;
who am I to ever make feel safe?


At the contemporary arts museum they have an exhibit that happens every saturday.
It occurs from 1 to 5pm.

I forgot the name of it.


Hey, Houston.
I’m still looking for you;
are you still my girl?


Girl you didn’t come here to work
you’re here helping with the family.

I want you to watch the kids with me
to see if you love kids.

You will hear my sister’s story
about core yoga class
and watch her recommended Netflix of the week.

You will be conscious of my parents habits;
I am faultedly over-conscious.

You will acknowledge my friends are over
and not fear it;
and you did well.

I’m not some layover towards a family.

I don’t want you to start his family.

And I don’t know what sort of promise to make.


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